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Vertigo Blue

A climber climbs to the top of a sunny cliff, in the distance the sea appears. Photo: Vertigo Blue

Travel, Sport and Nature

Vertigo Blue combines otudoor activities with travel and discovery of amazing natural sites.

We organize sailing cruises in the Mediterranean Sea dedicated to sailing and climbing.

In small groups of 4 to 5 participants, we will set sail toward the most beautiful coasts of the Mediterranean Sea: A human-scale experience led by qualified and passionate instructors.

Our journeys are open to everybodies’ level: Freshwater sailors or aspiring salty-sea dogs, novice climbers or hardened mountaineers, occasional travellers or professional globetrotters…

Motivation and good mood are the only requirements to travel with us!


View from a sailboat sailing along the coast, in the bluish light of a winter sun. Photo: Vertigo Blue

Merging Sailing and Climbing

Sailing and climbing are activities that complement each other perfectly and share common values:

cooperation and mutual support, overcoming the physical and mental self, sport in close contact with nature.

View from a sailboat pointing towards the sun sailing upwind in a rough sea at sunset. Photo: Sofia Avila
A climber climbs to the top of a sunny cliff. In the background the deep blue sea and the sun dominating. Photo: Vertigo Blue

A different way of travelling

Living on a sailing boat and traveling with the wind. Getting in touch with yourself by climbing higher, only with your own skills.

Getting aware of the rhythm and constraints of nature to understand and play with it better.

Savouring the fulfillment of a face to face with wild landscapes on land and at sea.

Sailing as climbing hide the promises of a different journey.


Set sail with us! Discover The Sardinian East Coast and the wonderful Gulf of Orosei, Sicily, San Vito lo Capo and its incredible natural heritage, Corsica and its amazing beauty. or the island of Elba, a small jewel of the Mediterranean, preserved and wild, a perfect playground for outdoor activities.

And if you’re looking for other destinations in the Mediterranean Sea, contact us: we can create a custom-made journey for your family or group of friends!
The Calanques of Marseille, Greece, Croatia, the Balearics… so many horizons to be explored!

The Team

Andrea and Sarah, two passionate sailors, climbers, travelers and nature lovers
Andrea, a radiant smile, under the hot Sicilian sunset in San Vito Lo Capo. Photo: Vertigo Blue

Andrea Zecca

Born in 1985, Italian expat for a long time (in Germany, Spain, then in France). I discovered sailing and climbing more than 10 years ago, during my years of studies in Barcelona, and since then these two passions have not given up on me. It was at that time that I first imagined Vertigo Blue. I ended up giving up a scientific career after getting my Phd to go learn sailing in Corsica. Since then, I have multiplied the trainings (sailing, kayaking, climbing).

Sarah, smiles as she holds the helm of a sailboat in a harbour, under a grey sky. Photo: Vertigo Blue

Sarah Marquina

Born in 1990, French. I studied cinema in Montpellier. I had dreamed of boats all my childhood but I didn’t really rediscover the sailing until 2015, during a course in Bonifacio. A year later, I quit my job to go learning sailing in corsica.
My fear of the void didn’t predestinated me to join a climbing project. But passion must be contagious, because I’m finally gone for!